systemd and RedHat

Some more thoughts on systemd and RedHat by Walter Byrd.

Is systemd really an attempt of NSA to corrupt GNU distributions?

Once Red Hat makes systemd the standard, then we will see more, and more, Desktop Environments, and applications, dependent on systemd. Dbus is another key part of the strategy. I am guessing that, without systemd, Wayland will probably not work.

Soon enough, all Linux users will be marching to Red Hat's drum beat.

Then we will find that nothing other than genuine Red Hat Linux will really work with the most recent updates, and applications.

Systemd is like Microsoft's OOXML. They say it's "open" but it's really not. It is far too big and complicated for anybody else to keep up with.

Red Hat is hijacking Linux, and Linux users are just sticking their heads in the sand.

IMO: POSIX is a good thing. The basic UNIX/Linux philosophy is a good. A lot of people worked really to make POSIX a reality - and they did it for good reason. Now everybody is happy to throw it all away, and for what?