Ekiga "Globally not acceptible" solved

I was getting folowing Ekiga error on some of my computers: "Could not register (Globally not acceptable)".

After checking updating to the latest version, making sure that all login credentials and server information are correct, reading forums and mailing lists I have noticed that this only happens on some computers in some locations.

Then I realized that I don't have same DNS set-up on all machines. So after adding liberal DNS (I am using OpenNIC), issue was solved!

If you are using openresolv utility (comes pre-installed with Arch and Ubuntu), you will need to edit this file:

$EDITOR /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf/head

Then append following lines (get your nearest OpenNIC servers from this page):

# OpenNIC IPv4 nameservers (US)

Then, we need to generate new configuration:

sudo resolvconf -u

After this is done, verify changes:

less /etc/resolv.conf

Then open Ekiga, press Ctrl+E for 'Accounts' menu, choose your account and press Disable, then Enable to retry your login.

Status should now read "Registered"